01. Glass Pear - Fall To Earth
02. Antony & The Johnsons - River Of Sorrow
03. Jaymes Young - Moondust (Stripped Back)
04. Wintersleep - Listen (Listen, Listen)
Darling Be Afraid
everything you love will be taken away...

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Ian and Lip’s reactions to Fiona’s courtroom speech in 3x07

Daddy…It’s okay.

another word and I’ll blow your brains all over the fucking linoleum.

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I am my mother’s only one

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I’m an only child, and a lot of the other actors are as well, which I think is interesting because we all kind of bonded together really quickly. I can speak only for myself that not growing up with siblings, I always wanted siblings and I always wanted that mayhem that sort of comes along with a big family. I feel like I really gravitated towards that in this show. - Emmy Rossum talking about the cast of Shameless.

He may have to be hospitalized

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"And they haven’t invented a spell our Hermione can’t do."

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Not everybody wants something from me, Mick!

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